What our clients have to say

$700,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Wonderful experience overall in selling our property. Excellent communication and clarification in every step of the process.”

Karese O. – Family Investors

$7,125,000 Multifamily Consideration

“I had the opportunity to work with Eric and his team. It was an excellent experience. My favorite qualities of Eric is his promptness. He is quick to respond to your needs and questions. Secondly, he puts in the effort and shows that he cares about your success in the deal rather than himself. He wants you to be satisfied and reach your goal. Lastly, he is very kind and respectful. Eric always keep a calm head and his main focus is problem solving and coming up with a solution if the situation calls for it. Not to mention, he is very a very experienced and knowledgeable individual. Great experience working with him!”

JL – Family Investors

$1,196,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Ivan, thank you for your help during the process and your flexibility working with our whole family, they all were singing your praises. You did an excellent job.”

SA – Family Investors

$1,400,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Eric and his team were especially helpful in selling our apartment building. In addition to excellent awareness of the market, they operated with highest degree of professionalism, always respectful, honest, good listeners, open to suggestions, friendly, and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work together and I recommend them highly.”

WM – Family Investors

$2,775,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Eric and team with Lee Associates recently listed and sold a commercial property for us in the San Diego area. Eric and his team marketed the property, identified potential buyers and helped us navigate the negotiations and escrow with great success in a professional manner. Escrow closed on schedule and there were no surprises. I would highly recommend working with Eric von Bluecher and his team if you have a commercial property to sell.”

JS/GH – Investors

$9,000,000 Multifamily Consideration

“To whom it may concern:

Eric von Bluecher represented us in the purchase of a 38 Unit, affordable housing community that we closed in January of 2022. Eric was honest, punctual, and detail oriented. Through his experience in both multifamily and affordable housing, he was able to help facilitate a seamless transaction between the buyer and seller and work professionally with our acquisitions, asset management, legal and construction staff to help us successful close deal on time. In the course of purchasing 15,000 units, CPP has worked with many brokers and Eric is a clear stand out.

Very truly yours,


Affordable Housing – Investors and Operators

$3,950,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Hey Eric, just got your very nice gift! It was a pleasure working with you and both Steven and I are very impressed by you—as Steven put it—that guy actually does stuff.”

Attorneys – Investors

$9,000,000 Multifamily Consideration

“After interviewing several agents, we selected Eric von Bluecher to represent us in the sale of our apartment complex in El Cajon. He was not only professional but was personable throughout the transaction. He was very accommodating to our needs and took the time to make the transaction an enjoyable experience. Eric consistently demonstrated his breadth of knowledge with the latest market trends. He successfully sold our property while achieving the top sales price per foot of $345/ft of buildings with 16-100 units sold in El Cajon in the past 12 months! We highly recommend Eric von Bluecher from Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services.”


$2,550,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Hi Eric,
Thank you very much for all your work on this and your professionalism.
Looking forward to the next deal.”


$2,550,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Thanks Eric,
It has really been excellent working with you.
We look forward to collaboration on future acquisitions.”


$8,075,000 Multifamily Consideration

“We had the opportunity to work with Eric on the acquisition of 19 units in Crown Point in which Eric the sale and escrow in an organized and professional manner. Ultimately, we would recommend working with Eric again.”


$8,075,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Eric is one of the best Multi Family Brokers I have ever worked with. We recently did a disposition for a Trust client in San Diego and he knocked it out of the park. I would highly recommend him and would work with him any day of the week.”

AR / CCIM / Major Bank Executive

$1,050,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Thank you Eric and the rest of the team! You all made this pretty painless.”

Nancy B.

$1,050,000 Multifamily Consideration

“Eric is a true pro. He was able to manage expectations from both sides, where we both felt we won. I’m sure we will be doing more deals in the future.”

DP / Multifamily Broker

$4,718,000 Multifamily Consideration

We appreciate all your hard work and experience. I feel you used much of it getting this deal done. It is a banner year for us as a family and you def had a big role in the success. We will be in touch and hoping there will be opportunities here in CA in the future.”

Thank you!

$2,744,000 Multifamily Consideration

“After working with several brokers and in need of achieving top dollar to fulfill my investment goals and exchange out of state, Eric von Bluecher listened to my goals and was able to quickly network, properly qualify interested investors and execute an off-market sale. Despite my property being listed on the market previously with another nationwide firm, Eric found that most investors and owners never saw my building and we realized the property was not properly exposed to the market. Unlike most agents that want to represent both buyer and seller for their own personal financial gain, Eric and I decided to cooperate with another local agent representing the best buyer for my property at the best price and terms. In addition, between Eric’s ability to communicate with me, cooperate well with another broker, coordinate with my management company and provide a high quality escrow process, Eric successfully orchestrated the offer process through a successful close to ensure the highest proceeds possible. I would highly recommend working with Eric von Bluecher and will work with Eric again in the future.”

Thank you,

Multiple Transactions – Repeat Client

“Due to Eric’s intimate knowledge of Venice and history of closing in the market, he was able to identify an opportunistic value add opportunity during COVID, build a relationship with the listing agent and help us navigate a complex escrow with numerous significant issues, negotiate $400,000 off the asking price and successfully close a true value add project that will generate a cap rate several basis points above the market.”


Multiple Transactions – Repeat Client

“Working with Eric has been a great experience. I’ve completed a number of deals in the market and the transaction coordination and escrow process in this transaction were seamless and painless. Eric partnered with me to achieve my investment goals and the team skillfully managed the details from start to finish.”


$3,550,000 Multifamily Consideration

“We recently worked with Eric Von Bluecher on a 9-unit apartment building in Marina Del Rey. He brought us an off-market deal with under market rents and large potential upside. The deal was extremely difficult due to language and cultural barriers with the seller. Eric maintained total professionalism throughout the escrow. He went beyond what would normally be expected from an agent. Because of his perseverance, he was able to hold both sides together when the deal got contentious. He did an excellent job and we look forward to working with him on future projects.”


$4,525,000 Multifamily Consideration – Multiple Transactions – Repeat Client

“Eric has proven on multiple accords that he can creatively manage a transaction to ensure a successful close. His ambition and relentless pursuit are two standout qualities that will ensure our continued business relationship.”


Managing Director

“Eric is one of the hardest working professionals I’ve met & I’m proud to recommend him to anybody evaluating multifamily real estate in Los Angeles. Eric has an old school style work ethic that is off the charts which has earned him best in class, superior market knowledge. Because Eric is authentically apart of his community & is the quintessential entrepreneur, you’ll quickly gauge how passionate Eric is about Investment Real Estate. If you make a decision to acquire, re-position or strategically dispose of multifamily assets, Eric should be the expert you consult with.”



“It is a rarity to find someone who is highly intelligent, extremely motivated, with varietal experience, who, at the same time, honestly cares for his clients. Yet these are the exact qualities you will find in Eric M von Bluecher. Then, in addition to these attributes, add a talent for negotiating, expertise in marketing, and an amazing business sense. From start to fruition, Eric M von Bluecher is the hallmark of professionalism. He is truly a top-quality Realtor and a force with which to be reckoned!”


$5,340,000 Multifamily Consideration

“To whom it may concern,
I had the pleasure to work with Eric von Bluecher in the acquisition of a multifamily property in Santa Monica. Eric originally presented the opportunity to me as an off market acquisition utilizing his relationships with apartment building owners in Santa Monica. Although the property ended up going to market, Eric’s ability to forge relationships with the listing agents in addition to his excellent strategic advice allowed us to prevail in the acquisition of a trophy property in an extremely competitive buyer’s environment. Throughout escrow Eric was extremely will organized, diligent and professional which resulted in a successful closing, which was especially critical inasmuch as I was in a 1031 exchange. I look forward to working with Eric again and strongly recommend him to anyone interested in a broker with the highest professional standards.”




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Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA

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