Senate Bill No. 828 Can Help Density and Alleviate Housing Shortage In California

SB-828 Land use: housing element 2017-2018

On Sunday the 30th, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 828 requiring local governments to accommodate 100% of the the projected local housing need, in other words, if the city projected 2,000 people to move in to the city for 2019, they would need to accommodate and zone new construction projects to accommodate 2,000 people.

In addition to Bill 828, Jerry Brown also signed Assembly Bill 1771 which tries to reduce governments efforts to edit data to reduce the residential zoning demands. Also, 828 requires governments meet and zone for existing need as well, not just future.

Per the Real Deal, SB 828 projected that the new law could add 150% increase in the number of units to local governments.

The California Association of Realtors and California Apartment Association both supported the bill. There a local cities that opposed the bill since it’s taking power away from the city to decide on the density in a given city.

See here to read SB-828



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