Santa Monica Rent Control Updates – COVID-19

You should be able to view the June 11th Santa Monica Rent Control board meeting by clicking the link here.

  • consideration of imposing a $32 ceiling on the 2020 annual general adjustment of 1.4%

COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

  • May 8th the city of Santa Monica extended the emergency eviction moratorium that went into effect on March 14th and goest through June 30th.
  • For renters that are eligible
    • the rent due is not waived, just deferred
    • renters must pay rent within 12 months after the end of moratorium or face eviction
    • landlords can’t charge interest on unpaid rent
    • renters need to notify landlord of inability to pay rent to due to COVID-19 asap and prior to rent is due and no later than 30 days after rent is due.
  • Landlords cant service Notice to Pay Rent or Quite, landlords will be fined for attempting to evict during this period and tenants may use moratorium protection as a defense in any unlawful detainer
  • Resources for Landlords 

    There are a number of programs in place to help protect property owners during this time when many tenants are not able to pay rent.  

  • California Court System Places Immediate Hold on All Eviction Actions

    Under a statewide rule adopted April 6th, 2020 by the California court system, there is an immediate hold on all evictions for the duration of the COVID 19 emergency, regardless of the reason for them, except those necessary to protect the public health and safety. This court rule will remain in place for 90 days after the Governor lifts the state of emergency or the rule is repealed or amended by the state Judicial Council. The rule includes similar provisions to prevent foreclosures from taking place during the emergency. This rule does not affect tenants’ obligation to pay rent or comply with lease obligations; nor does it affect landlords’ obligations to pay their mortgages, but it provides relief against immediate consequences during the current emergency.


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