Santa Monica

1537 15th Street

1537 15th Street


Exchanges Are Possible in This Market

Eric von Bluecher originally presented the opportunity at 1537 15th Street to his client as an off market acquisition utilizing his relationships with apartment building owners in Santa Monica.

Although the property ended up going to market, Eric’s ability to forge relationships with the listing agents in addition to his excellent strategic advice, allowed his client to win the perfect opportunity for his clients exchange which was a unique and difficult achievement considering we were looking for an extremely rare, non-rent controlled asset in Santa Monica, especially in an A+ location, with upside opportunity, near the Expo Line and with a fantastic unit mix of seven town-home units plus plenty of parking.

Eric von Bluecher skillfully negotiated and won the sale for his exchange client with an on-market deal with a ton of offer competition and with an especially-successful agent that could have easily represented both the seller and buyer though chose our exchange client because Eric and his client’s background, experience to close, qualifications and track record. Against all odds, Eric was able to navigate his client through a necessary, must-buy acquisition, a multiple offer situation and through a seamless escrow further solidifying the fact that 1031 Exchanges are possible in this market and why working with an active and experienced multifamily broker is necessary to achieve your investment and 1031 exchange goals.


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