New Tenant Protection Laws in San Diego 2023: What Landlords and Renters Need to Know

San Diego has recently enacted stricter tenant protection laws that surpass the state’s AB 1482 regulations. These new laws impose greater responsibilities on landlords and limit tenant evictions. This article provides an overview of the key aspects of the new tenant protection ordinance and its impact on landlords and renters in San Diego.

Stricter Regulations:

The San Diego City Council approved new legislation in April 2023, requiring landlords to provide relocation assistance for no-fault evictions. Under the new laws, tenants evicted for no fault of their own are entitled to 2 months’ rent assistance, while seniors or individuals with disabilities may receive 3 months’ assistance.

Enhanced Tenant Protections:

The new legislation expands tenant protections by making them effective from the first day of tenancy. This is in contrast to the state requirement of 12 months before renter protection applies. The laws also grant tenants additional legal help, such as attorney fees, exemplary damages, and processes for buyout agreements.

Impact on Evictions for Remodeling:

Landlords are still allowed to regain possession of their properties for remodeling purposes. However, San Diego has tightened the criteria for what qualifies as a substantial remodel. Landlords must provide tenants with notice of their remodeling intentions, permits, reasons for eviction, and rights to relocation assistance.

Financial Implications:

Landlords have raised concerns over the financial implications of the new laws, particularly for smaller non-corporate and seasonal landlords. The higher costs associated with eviction and relocation assistance could lead to increased rental prices and potential withdrawal of rental properties from the market.


The new tenant protection laws do not apply to single-family homes, accessory dwelling units, or Section 8 housing. Landlords must provide written notice of exemption to tenants for qualifying properties.


The new tenant protection laws in San Diego introduce stricter regulations for landlords, offering enhanced tenant protections and imposing greater responsibilities. While these laws aim to curb abusive practices, concerns have been raised regarding potential negative impacts on the housing market and smaller landlords. Landlords and renters should familiarize themselves with the specific provisions of the new legislation and consult legal professionals for advice on compliance and potential implications.


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