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SB 9

Allows for 2 units on a parcel zoned for single-family housing. It also allows for urban lot splits of SFR zoned parcels and up to 2 units for each new lot created. The development of lots must adhere to all objective zoning. Side and rear lot line setbacks cannot be less than 4 feet. Units must be rented for longer than 30 days per term. No parcel can be smaller than 40% of the original parcel and must be at least 1,200 SF. Only one lot split per parcel is allowed. Property owners must sign an affidavit stating to reside in one unit as a primary residence for at least 3 years. SB 9 applications must include SB 9 eligibility checklist and a residential building permit application. Include “SB 9 Urban Lot Split” if that is what is requested or “an SB 9 Project” in the description for those in the Coastal Zone.


SB 10 (San Francisco)

Allows up to 10 units on parcels in a transit rich area or at an urban infill site.


SB 8 (Berkeley)

Amends SB 330, which previously limited the City’s discretion in approving housing projects. SB 8 modifies the protection for replacement of existing dwelling units and requires tenant relocation and assistance.


AB 1174 (Concord)

Modifies SB 35, which is the streamlined approval process of qualifying multifamily housing projects. Ab 1174 allows earlier vesting and longer approval times.


AB 345 (Fullerton)

City must allow the sale or conveyance of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) if developed by nonprofit corporations, sold to a qualified low-income buyer, or held in an agreement with specific requirements.


Carlsbad Density Bonus Regulations

Parking shall not exceed these standards:


AB 571

Amends the Density Bonus Law which prohibits affordable housing impact fees.



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