City of San Diego Announcement on New Tenant Protection Framework

More and more San Diego renters have been falling into homelessness. To combat this, there will be new tenant protections. 


There will be more consistency with the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. Through this, renters will receive additional notices such as the definitions for “No Fault” and “At Fault Termination of Tenancies” so that the terms are clear to both the tenant and landlord. Another thing that will be there for renters is Opportunity to Cure. This gives both renters and landlords opportunities to address issues that could range from wrongful terminations, property exemptions, and defined requirements for the property. The proposed tenant protections will also provide the exploration of long term revenue streams through rentals. To help seniors and disabled people to find housing, new services and resources shall be provided through The Fair Housing Act. Along with this to help San Diego renters, there will be the development of new renter resources that partner with not-for-profits to help those in need. 


Along with the above protections, Mayor Gloria and Council President Elo-Rivera are planning to bring additional protections. These include “Just Cause Protections” for day 1 of tenancy, more relocation assistance for San Diego renters aside from what was previously stated, extra time for seniors and disabled individuals to find housing when they receive a no-fault termination, and extra time for renters to fix violations that can be the cause for an eviction. 


The point of this framework is to try to help close loopholes through the system that can harm those associated with rentals and to build more accountability through following the law.


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