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Chula Vista Apartment Building Eviction Moratorium Update

Chula Vista Eviction Moratorium Update


While there hasn’t been an eviction tsunami for San Diego Apartment Buildings and Chula Vista Apartment Buildings, many claim otherwise and have made organized efforts to push for additional multifamily tenant protections, as well as a new eviction moratorium in Chula Vista and Chula Vista Apartment Buildings. Activists have been using the council meetings to put pressure on the proposed ordinances and have mobilized to ask the mayor, along with the city of San Diego council, to push for additional permanent regulations and new eviction restrictions on apartment building owners. Despite the efforts from a handful of individuals, the council did not mention pursuing an eviction moratorium and indicated that the proposed tenant protection ordinance was unlikely to move forward anytime soon so San Diego Apartment Building and Chula Vista Apartment Building owners. Efforts to further regulate the ability to operate and maintain quality rental housing for the community are still underway as The Southern California Rental Housing Association (SCRHA) is actively working on protecting housing providers and advocating for their rights. Pandemic related regulation continues to be rescinded, showing that existing protections are working. Furthermore, evidence hasn’t identified that the need for additional regulations more restrictive than state law are necessary and recognized no economic impacts of such proposals.





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